02/02/23: Club Cars – Tested to Destruction

Tested to Destruction. 

So to the first outing for Molesey’s new fleet of RevoSlot Toyota Supra club cars and its matching set of shiny TruSpeed BP II controllers.

The first heat pretty much set the tone for the evening; a mixture of closish racing at the front and utter chaos everywhere else. Once heat 1’s dust had settled, Simon headed the leaderboard from Julian, with Ed the Gritter, who the weather gods had smiled upon and allowed out to play with slot cars for the first time this year, third. Josh, David and Terry’s race was a disaster, one of them (no names, no pack drill. A bus pass exempts pensioners from blame. For now…) collecting the others on his way to an almighty collision with the barrier.

Thereafter things settled into a rhythm. Bang bang thump it went, bang bang thump, with the occasional whoosh harmony adding to the mix as a car flew through the air before hitting something solid. Testing to destruction, literally.

By half-distance the race order was pretty much settled, Julian, Simon and Ed driving well, avoiding the carnage and locking out the podium positions.

The only things of real note in the latter half of the race were the setting of a new distance record for airborne flight by one of the cars (not sure who the driver was, but by general agreement it was one of the most over-ambitious attempts at high-speed cornering ever witnessed at Molesey) which broke the car and caused a delay while it was rebuilt with new parts, and Josh.

Poor Josh. Still hampered by ‘sticky finger’ and with a demeanour that suggested he’d rather be at home nailing his nuts to the floorboards than he would be racing slot cars, it was a night for him to forget. For everyone else it was good fun. The cars took a lot of abuse and survived remarkably well, the atmosphere was great, we’d had a full grid of drivers for the first time in a while, and the event and the cars were generally considered to be a success.

Club cars return on the 9th of March, so if you’ve any intention of marshalling that evening, it might be worth packing body armour.