03 Jun 2021: NSR Classic – Hot Air and a Slot-Goddette

Hot Air and a Slot-Goddette.

The spies were once again recruited to bring you this race report, so if it’s a load of inaccurate cobblers, shoot them, not your correspondent.

Buoyed by his good showing three days previously, Spencer had jumped at the chance to fill the empty driver slot for this meeting, just to prove that his earlier result wasn’t a fluke and to ask another thousand and one questions to progress his journey along the road to junior slot-goddette status. And you know what? He made the podium again. The guy’s on a roll.

Josh and Julian, both already awarded Molesey slot-god status, were placed in different groups this time to make them race the clock rather than each other. It seemed to work, because come the end of the race, Josh, again victorious, was just 0.69 of lap ahead of Julian. However, a little birdy tells me that Josh’s fastest lap, suspiciously held back until his final heat, suggests that he might have been playing mind games in his earlier heats. We’ll never know. What we do know is that he was back to his old self, flatulating like a good’un. Hot air has to go somewhere, I guess.

Below the top three, Neil and Graham were swapping places like teenagers swap chlamydia, Graham in fourth after heat one, fifth after heat two, then fourth again until the last heat when Neil pulled it all out to overtake Graham and finish a tiny 0.08 of a lap ahead.

Which again leaves Terry. He’d borrowed Josh’s spare car which, in normal circumstances, would have been a ticket to podium riches, but these weren’t normal circumstances. For some unfathomable reason, Terry had chosen to use his own wheels and tyres and managed to destroy them by the end of heat two, losing almost two laps to Neil and Graham. He tried another set for the remaining heats, which got him back on the midfield pace, but by then it was too late, his two lost laps costing him dearly and resulting in another last place. Terry’s not slow, but he has a gift for handicapping himself. The up-side is that things can only get better. Watch this space…

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