03/09/20: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Racing Returns

Racing Returns.

After a twenty-four week enforced break from racing, courtesy of an irritating little virus which decided to embark on its world tour and at the same time scare half the world’s population witless, the sound of little electric motors once again graced the hallowed Molesey Slot Car Club clubroom.

An encouraging turnout of eleven drivers, including newcomer Spencer Matthews (not the Made in Chelsea one) wheeled out their GT3 cars. Amazingly, given that the drivers had had the best part of six months to fettle them and repair damage, nothing much had changed. Most of the cars still had bits missing. Terry’s had acquired a new chassis resplendent in a fetching shade of puke-green. (A little tip, Terry. If you must run an illegal chassis, paint the bloody thing black!)

And just like the cars, nothing much had changed with the racing. Josh walked it, Lee hobbled along in his wake, David bagged third place despite being a few tenths off the midfield pace, Ed made one too many costly errors and Terry and Neil enjoyed an entertaining race-long scrap.

Most of the drivers looked a little rusty, but it was great to be back racing. Nice too to see visitor John Underwood wildly sliding his Scaleauto Merc-AMG around the track on his way to a respectable 7th place. How that car stays in the slot is one of life’s enduring mysteries!

Next week, more of the same, hopefully with a little less rust.

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