04 Nov 2021: Sideways Group 5 – Crashing Doesn’t Help

Crashing Doesn’t Help.

Group 5 returned this week and the story was one of three gaps – two close and the third a yawning chasm – and a lot of crashes.

At the head of the race was the chasm, Julian blitzing Josh to take the win by over four laps. Josh was fast, but spent too much time with his car buried in the wall. Both were driving Nissan Skylines – is that now the car to beat? – the cars demonstrating perfectly that Sideways’ crash-proof wings, as fitted to Julian’s car but not Josh’s, are just as un-crash-proof as the original version, both failing dismally to stay attached to their cars.

As most club racers know, if you’re getting beaten week after week, copy what the quick guys are doing. Terry, David, Graham and Neil took the advice a bit too literally this week, mimicking Josh with multiple crashes. It didn’t help any of them. Even Frank got in on the act, a beautifully timed nerf taking him, Graham and Neil out in one hit.

The race for the win might have been a walkover, but those for third and fifth were anything but. Fighting over third were Terry and David, Terry initially ahead until David took a 0.76 second lead at half distance, only to throw it away again with crashes in the late heats to finish half a lap down.

The fifth place fight was even closer, Graham and Neil side by side for much of it. Going into their last heat Graham held a slender four tenths advantage, so it was all to play for. Neil started well, gaining a small lead that looked as if it might be enough to snatch fifth from Graham, but at half distance another crash ruined his chances and he finished three seconds behind.

“To finish first, first you must finish” is the cliché. Thank goodness the racing wasn’t crash’n’burn, because with even the mighty Julian crashing this week, nobody at all would have finished. Crashing really doesn’t help.

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