05 Jul 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Juice


How quickly the abnormal becomes normal. Ever since Covid came out to play, racing has been handicapped by reduced numbers to the point where it’s begun to seem normal, so it was great to welcome slot car stalwart John Underwood, who’d committed to the 160-mile round trip to Molesey for an evening’s racing, and Stephen’s friend Michael.

At one point we even enjoyed the sight of four cars on track, Josh, David, Ed and John racing for several laps separated by little more than a metre. It wasn’t to last, because Josh was merely toying with the other three before disappearing into the distance to record yet another lap record, but it was a nice reminder of how much fun slot car racing can be.

The midfield racing was super-close at half-distance, Ed third, just 0.19 of a lap ahead of Neil, with the fifth-place battle even closer, John leading Stephen by 0.01 of a lap. The tea break changed everything, though.

Heat 4, and John came out flying, suddenly finding half a second a lap and leaving Stephen for dead. He was now giving Ed and David a hard time, making them up their game, scratch their heads and wonder where his speed had magicked itself up from. It wasn’t the sugar in his tea, that’s for sure.

It wasn’t until the next heat that John was rumbled. He’d swapped his car for an outwardly identical one provided by Josh. Honestly, there’s no escape from it. That Josh-juice gets everywhere.

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