05 Oct 2020: NSR Formula 86/89 – “You nuct!”

“You nuct!”

Terms of endearment. We all use them. Darling, sweetheart, flower, and a new one to me that I learned tonight from Ed; you nuct. Nuct? Maybe I’ve pronounced or spelt it wrongly, but it was difficult to hear over the sound of Spencer’s rapid-fire questioning of Josh about car set-up and driving style.

It was halfway through heat 2 when I heard it. Josh was out front amusing himself by setting lap records, David and Ed were again racing neck and neck fighting over second place, while Spencer was entertaining everyone with a running commentary on Ed’s driving. Ten laps in and Ed had a big slide, just staying in the slot, but dropping to third behind David. “Keep it smooth, Ed, keep it smooth” was Spencer’s kindly advice, Ed thanking him in his own inimitable way; “Shut up, you nuct!”

Josh must also have an ear for language, and not just French, because he started calling people nucts too. It was like a big slot car love-in, all friends together. Banter, I think they call it. X-rated.

In amongst the hilarity there was a race happening, with a lot more crashing than normal. Josh went off several times, David too, with David picking up a truckload of dust on his tyres early in heat 4 and losing four laps as a result, leaving Ed, who was putting in an excellent almost error-free drive, an easy run to a well deserved second place overall.

Neil, Spencer and Alan, running in group 2, were pretty closely matched, the rapidly improving Spencer fastest, but his inconsistency dropping him behind Neil, with Alan slowly losing ground and drifting out of contention after half-distance.

Slot car racing. We know it’s great for improving hand-eye coordination, but who’d have thought it could improve your vocabulary too?!

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