06 Jan 2022: Sideways Group 5 – Kiss Chase

Kiss Chase.

2022 at Molesey started well, Sideways Group 5 entertaining the assembled drivers with a game of kiss chase between Neil and Terry.

A peerless Julian dominated the racing, with Josh flat out behind but crashing too often and ruining any chance he had of mounting a serious challenge, but the evening’s highlight was the “Catch me if you can” game of tease played by Neil and Terry. Kiss chase for grown-ups.

Heat 1 saw Neil gifted a nice head start, Terry losing well over a lap and leaving himself an awful lot of frantic chasing to do if he was to catch Neil by the end of the evening.

Old he may be, but Terry’s still a fit old codger, so with Neil’s pert posterior wiggling enticingly as a target, Terry set about catching him. “Kiss me, kiss me” teased Neil, and Terry so nearly did, falling short at the finish line by the smallest of margins, just one tenth of a second. So near yet so far, or in old-school language: “Neil, you’re a prick-tease!”

2022 also welcomed a new visitor to the club, Phil, a slot car novice who astonished everyone by taking to it like a duck to water and racing exceptionally well for a newcomer. One to watch for 2022 perhaps?

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