08 Jul 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Wind Direction

Wind direction.

Mercifully it’s not long until Molesey’s spies become redundant, but, until then, race reports continue to be compiled from a mixture of secret messages, unreliable gossip and unsubstantiated rumours. It’s the rumours that I like best. I mean, who’d have guessed that Terry likes to wear a dress and stockings when he’s nailing his slot cars together, or that his favourite dress is a hand-me-down from Neil?

The evening’s on-track battles were between Josh and Julian for the win, and Ed and Terry for third. On pure one-lap pace, Josh was streets ahead, but Julian’s consistency kept him in touch until the last two heats, when he drifted away to finish second, with Ed a distant third.

The off-track battles followed a more familiar theme: flatulence and bewilderment. Josh convincingly won the former, whilst Terry trounced everyone in the bewilderment stakes, reslotting Neil’s crashed car facing backwards. Unreal.

Ageing is cruel, but at least it makes us laugh. Chin up, Terry. With the average age of the club’s membership creeping ever higher, things will only get worse!

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