09/02/23: Super GT – Topless


2022’s Molesey GT class has for 2023 morphed into Super GT (Molesey’s time-honoured name for its almost-no-limits class, in case you’re wondering), and this week’s race was the first for the class this year. The only significant rule changes are that open-cockpit and pure racing-type cars are now allowed, where previously eligibility was restricted to enclosed-cockpit road car-based GT-type cars, and short-can motors have an increased rev limit of 30,000rpm, up from 25,000.

Whether the changes will add greater variety to this year’s grid remains to be seen, but Julian took advantage of them and wheeled out an attractive Slot.it Audi R8 LMP, which he drove to second place after a race-long battle with Lee’s winning NSR Mosler.

Your correspondent was still recovering from the NHS’s pump-them-full-of-antibiotics-until-death-doesn’t-look-imminent-and-then-kick-them-out approach to reducing demand, so doesn’t have much information about the racing, but the heat stats say that the best battle of the night, other than Lee and Julian’s fight for the win, was between Neil and Graham for fifth place, Graham looking for most of the race as if he had the measure of Neil, only for Neil to claw back twelve of his fifteen seconds deficit in heat 5, then finish the job and overtake Graham in the final heat.

Super GT again next week, so will anyone join Julian and turn up topless? We’ll see.

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