09 Dec 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – The Birth of Two Jigsaws

The Birth of Two Jigsaws.

That’s it. NSR/Scaleauto GT3 is no more. Done, finished, dead. Replaced for 2022 by Molesey GT, a much more mechanically open class where the enthusiastic fiddlers can fiddle enthusiastically and build what they hope will be a race winning but complex jigsaw, and the unenthusiastic fiddlers will stick to the simple jigsaws aimed at kids. Kiddy-fiddlers. Er, let’s not go there…

Mind you, the all-seeing Google will index this page, no doubt flag up the slang above and the club will be raided by a squad of over-excited policemen dressed in their finest riot gear. Don’t say you weren’t warned. “Evening Constables. Come to play with our triggers?

GT3’s last race saved the best for last, literally. Josh, Lee and Julian were predictably at the head of the race, but the battle for the last three places was the best, novices Steve, Martin and JoshToo providing the overtaking.

Martin headed the trio after Heat 1, JoshToo after Heats 2 and 3. Heat 4 saw Martin take back the slimmest of leads, just 0.04 seconds in front of Steve, with JoshToo five seconds further back. Steve made his move in Heat 5, climbing above Martin, and that’s how it stayed until the end. Steve from Martin from JoshToo. Well done to all three.

All that’s left now is to dream up a decent nickname for JoshToo. Suggestions on a postcard please.

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