11 Nov 2021: Sideways Group 5 – The Stealth Bomber

The Stealth Bomber.

Sideways Group 5 again this week, and with most of the cars now running faster motors in the form of Slot.it’s Flat-6S, they’re much nicer to drive and the racing is proving to be very close. Too close at times this week, because falling victim to someone else’s crash was very costly for some of the drivers.

At the head of the race were once again the Three Amigos, club stalwarts Josh, Julian and Lee. In the middle were the old farts, Terry, David, Neil and Ed, and bringing up the rear were newcomer Steve and the stealth bomber.

The stealth bomber? Yes, the stealth bomber, a.k.a. Frank.

Driving a very nicely put together, and hence very quiet, Ferrari 512 painted in the stealthy black and gold JPS livery, Frank unobtrusively pounded his way around the track. Lap after lap he’d go, biding his time until he was nicely positioned on the inside of a corner with a gaggle of cars on his outside. With perfect timing he’d overcook the corner, de-slot and take out one or more of his competitors.

The guy’s old. Proper old, with reactions unlikely to trouble a tortoise these days – although they might well win him the soggy-biscuit challenge – so there’s no doubt that his crashing was accidental, but, old or not, he hasn’t lost his sense of humour, because the grin he was trying to suppress on the drivers’ rostrum rather gave the game away.

And you know what? It was funny, because when all’s said and done, it’s only slot car racing.

Keep it up, Frank, although if you wouldn’t mind taking aim at someone else next time, it’s a dead cert that a driver or two will be very grateful!

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