12 Aug 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Juggler’s Luck

Juggler’s Luck.

The GT3 cars returned this week, now running to new rules which ban tyre inserts, but allow greater freedom in the choice of wheels and chassis, all in the hope of making previously uncompetitive cars competitive and challenging the dominance of Scaleauto’s SRT Viper GTS-R.

It didn’t work this time, Josh again victorious in his Viper, but some new green NSR chassis were in evidence, plus a smattering of smaller rear wheels, so if nothing else it’s refreshed interest in the class for those that like tinkering, and made it more confusing for those that don’t. Only time and development will tell whether the Viper’s days as top dog are numbered.

What the rules don’t account for though, are driver skill and good old Lady Luck. It would be rude to suggest that most of the drivers could do with a bit more of the former, so let’s just be rude. Most of us could do with a bit more of the former and haven’t a hope in hell of challenging the top two. But, (in racing, there’s always a but) Meghan Markle hasn’t a hope in hell of ever being a decent author and it’s not stopped her from selling a shedload of books, so there’s hope for us all given a fair wind and a bit of luck.

As so often recently, the action was in the midfield, David and Terry fighting over third, Ed battling Neil for fifth. Going into their final heats, David led Terry by a fairly comfortable 0.62 of lap, Ed led Neil, also by 0.62 of a lap. Then the luck, or lack of it, kicked in.

A few laps into their final heat, David trailing Ed by a foot or so but both looking unlikely to lose much or any of the 0.62 lap lead they held over Terry and Neil respectively, Ed crashed and David got caught in the mess. Both of them then looked on helplessly, losing the best part of a lap while Terry demonstrated his juggling prowess in the process of eventually reslotting both cars. There’s no denying that it was an impressive display of juggling, but it was costly too, Terry and Neil neatly finishing the job with steady final-heat drives to snatch third and fifth from David and Ed.

And that’s one of the reasons we love racing. Skill and equipment are important, but luck usually plays its part too. Losers this week might be winners next. It’s the eternal optimism of racers that keeps us coming back. See you next week.

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