12 Oct 2020: Scaleauto/NSR GT3 – Pink Slime

Pink Slime.

The secret’s out, and it’s not what anyone was expecting. To be fast in these Covid affected times, a GT3 car needs slime. Pink’s slime, to be precise.

While the other five drivers worried about clean braids, clean tyres, controller settings and trying not to crash, all that could be heard from The Pinkster was muttering about his tyres being slimy.

If he hadn’t been thrashing the rest of the field and building an unassailable lead, they might, just might, have been sympathetic, perhaps even offered him a spare pair of tyres to help him out, but that’s not how racing works. Secretly, everyone else was dying inside, second place being the first loser and all that.

David was going backwards, just about hanging onto The Pinkster in heat 1, but falling back steadily thereafter. Neil had a woeful start, struggling to adjust his controller to his liking, while Spencer, who’s getting faster every meeting, threw away any chance of scoring his first podium by crashing too often.

Forget the rest, tonight was all about The Pinkster; smooth, consistent and fast. If he’d kept his slime secret to himself, nobody would have thought anything of it, other than that he’d driven an excellent race, but now he’s got everyone wondering. His tyres were “slimy” and yet he was driving better than ever. How does that work?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be raiding my grandchildren’s toy cupboard tomorrow looking for pink slime.

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