14/09/23: Super GT – Simon At Last

Simon At Last.

Super GT this week and, after almost two years of trying, Simon finally got his first win at Molesey. Yes, the Three Amigos were absent, but a win’s a win and you can only beat those who turn up to race, so congratulations to Simon.

Behind him, the evening’s best battle was for third place between Chris and Terry, the gap between the two never greater than 3.65 seconds and for most of the race much closer than that. Terry just about had the measure of Chris for the first four heats, going into Heat 5 just 0.09 seconds ahead, but Chris fought back, took the lead by 0.10 in Heat 5 and then extended it to 1.57 at the end of the night.

Mario had arrived armed with a new Mosler and some special “Prepped by Simon” tyres. He started well, finishing Heat 1 at the head of his group, but it all went wrong after the half-distance tea break and he slipped back to seventh behind Neil and the ever-improving Joss.