14/04/22: NSR Classic – All Change

All Change.

How things change in a week. Last week’s NSR Classic race saw Julian dominate, his 7.971 best lap the fastest NSR Classic race lap since the class was introduced in January 2020.

Seven days later Josh took a fairly easy win, his fastest lap a tenth slower than Julian’s of last week, but still 0.24 quicker than Julian’s 8.294 best this week. To the casual observer the fluctuating fortunes and Julian’s three-tenths loss of pace are mighty confusing. Julian’s muttered “It’s all about the grip” didn’t make it much clearer.

BSCRA hotshot Will Stemman turned up again this week, guest-driving Team Bryant’s lurid pink Ford P68 to third place and relegating Ed and David to the top of the also-ran positions.

At the head of Group 2, Neil, Phil and Graham enjoyed a great scrap, finishing in a different order in nearly every heat. By race end Neil headed the trio, Phil was in the middle, Graham third but with the consolation of the extra championship point for his group’s fastest lap.

Phil’s job is now taking him away to the wilds of Wales, so it was a good way for him to end his racing at Molesey. Hopefully we’ll see him back sometime in the future.

Down at the lower end of the results sheet, Tom secured ninth place but was badly hampered by a dog of a motor. He borrowed Ed’s car for his final heat and immediately lapped seven tenths quicker than he had with his own. Apparently brand new, Tom’s motor was gutless in a straight line and pretty useless at braking too, its dire performance far worse than can be explained by NSR’s manufacturing tolerances. Whatever the young budding slot car engineer had done to it wasn’t a success. Top tip, Tom: if something’s working well, don’t mess about with it!

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