14 Oct 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Viper Still Dominant

Viper Still Dominant.

Molesey’s revised GT3 rules, implemented in an effort to challenge the dominance of Scaleauto’s SRT Viper GTS-R, haven’t succeeded yet, but they have at least added some colour to the grid in the form of Julian’s attractive blue and white Scaleauto Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Sadly, by race end it was looking a little sorry for itself, having been scolded by its owner for being, to paraphrase, “a turd”. Nonetheless it was still an impressively polished turd and quick enough to help Julian grab second place, but with a best lap more then three tenths slower than Josh’s winning Viper, Julian has something of a development mountain to climb before he’s back in contention with Josh.

This week the race format returned to a fixed-distance lap-based race, intended to speed things up by removing the time consuming need to record every car’s track position at the end of each heat. It worked well, but as always there’s an unforeseen consequence, this one only coming to light when your correspondent sat down to write this race report. With a short-term memory like a sieve, and no record of the leaderboard at the end of each heat, I’ve absolutely no clue who was where except for the final finishing position. Note to self: must try harder next time.

Still, there were a couple of highlights that stuck in the memory. Number one was Julian’s suggestion that he would drop his own turd onto a sheet of wrapping paper alongside his Scaleauto Merc-AMG and send the parcel to Scaleauto as “customer feedback”. That’s one way of bridging any language barrier, I suppose.

Second was the very welcome return of Frank after a period of serious illness. We’ve all missed you Frank. It’s great to have you back.

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