14/09/20: NSR Classic – The Half-Dozen

The Half-Dozen.

With Covid-19 and its accompanying rules and restrictions laying waste to much of the country’s economy, social activity and public cohesion, slot car racing is suffering too; attendance is now limited to just six people per meeting.

Tonight’s racing was the first held under the new restriction. Could we still run an enjoyable race with so few drivers? Has Josh really taken heed of the Clean Air Act and sorted out his internal plumbing? Mercifully, the answer to both was a resounding yes. Mon Dieu Josh! That French minxster of yours must be pretty special.

Racing is now split across two evenings each week – Mondays and Thursdays – so for this first attempt, a new race format was tried: a mini endurance event of thirty minutes in total, made up of six five-minute heats per driver, with the winner being the driver covering the greatest distance. Drivers raced in groups of three, the other three marshalling.

NSR Classics usually provide good racing and tonight was no exception. In a magnanimous gesture, Josh didn’t use his best car, choosing instead a Ford Mk IV, still rapid, but at least it gave his chasers a tiny chance of keeping up. They didn’t, of course, but the gap between him and the rest was slightly less embarrassing than usual.

In group one – Neil, Stephen and Spencer – newcomer Spencer showed huge improvement over the course of the evening, going from 10.2 second laps in his first heat to a 9.1 best in his last. In group two – Josh, David and Ed – the racing was super-close, Ed and David racing neck and neck for lap after lap and finishing just a third of a lap apart.

A half-dozen. Not many, but it turns out that it’s plenty enough for good racing. Bring it on Mr Covid. You haven’t killed slot car racing yet.

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