15/02/24: Sideways Group 5 – 7.595!!!


Ten drivers arrived for this week’s Group 5 round: Josh and everyone else. It really was that simple, Josh so much quicker than the rest of the field that it was as if he were in a different race. With Julian and Lee absent and the only other drivers who currently look like potential Group 5 winners, Josh had it easy and finished almost two laps clear of second-placed Simon, setting a new Group 5 lap record of 7.595 on the way. Simon tried valiantly to take the race to Josh and even took the lead in Heat 2 after Josh made a silly mistake and crashed, but such was Josh’s pace that he was quickly back ahead and didn’t look back.

Behind the leading two, Alex and David enjoyed a race-long battle for third, Alex eventually coming out on top after David threw away a tiny seven-tenths lead by crashing in the final heat.

Chris and Neil were next up, their fight for fifth a story of multiple crashes. Your correspondent lost count of how many times each of them crashed, but is was a lot. No sooner had one crashed and given the other an advantage, the other would crash and they’d be back together again. You’d be forgiven for thinking that neither of them wanted to beat the other, but it was at least an amusing spectacle for the spectators.

But really, the midfield action was just padding. With Josh’s best lap almost four tenths quicker than Simon’s and everyone else even slower, the story was Josh’s and Josh’s alone.