15 Oct 2020: Scaleauto/NSR GT3 – Airborne


Covid-19 isn’t the only thing that flies serenely through the air. Slot cars do too.

In an impressive show of solidarity with the virus, the majority of tonight’s GT3 cars took to the air at least once, although unlike the virus, the cars’ navigation systems were clearly stuffed, most directing their car, or at least bits of it, straight from the track to the floor.

Maybe it was the acres of socially distanced free space that was attractive, or perhaps they just felt sad that the economy is going down the pan and were trying their hardest to keep the manufacturer of SuperGlue in business. Either way, a slot car air show was a great way to end this bout of racing, now it’s been smacked over the head by the Tier 2 lockdown hammer.

Most of the flying displays were performed solo, affording the spectators a great view of the destruction, but Neil went one better mid-race and tried formation flying with Frank, their flight plan seemingly aimed at maiming both David and Spencer who were marshalling at the time. Frank landed heavily but relatively unscathed, while Neil wasn’t quite so lucky, his car needing a very rapid respray and returning to the track barely recognisable under its new paint, but amazingly quite a bit faster. Result!

Racing had started fairly unremarkably, David gaining a lap and a bit in heat 1 while the rest enjoyed a close scrap, with only mistakes and crashes deciding the finishing order. Thereafter it all got a bit hazy for your correspondent, his memory scrambled by the sheer number of crashes and the excitement of the flying displays.

At some point Graham had been second, but by the end he’d fallen off the podium, with Terry finishing runner-up and Frank third. As a display of driving skill it wasn’t the best we’ve ever witnessed, but as entertainment it was top-notch. Who needs the Red Arrows when you’ve got the Molesey Flyers?

So that’s it until who knows when. Frustrating, but that’s life. It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating; Covid hasn’t killed slot car racing yet, nor will it.

See you all soon.

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