16/02/23: Super GT – End of the Mosler?

End of the Mosler?

Despite Julian being the first to embrace Super GT’s more permissive attitude towards topless racing by driving a Slot.it Audi R8 LMP to second place last week, his example didn’t spawn the copycats that might have been expected when a rapid new car arrives and immediately plants itself on the podium. Nope. Instead, the aging herd of NSR Moslers was dragged out again, but this time it was well and truly beaten.

Lee, last week’s winner, tried hard to maintain the Mosler’s honour, but couldn’t get close to his race-winning pace of last week, his best lap almost two tenths slower than a week previously. In fourth place after heat 1, he’d climbed to third by the mid-race tea break, but that was as good as it got, a mechanical problem in heat 4 dropping him to fifth where he remained for the rest of the race. Julian and his Audi took the top step of the podium, with the Moslers of Simon and David second and third.

Just like last week the best racing was between Graham and Neil, the pair never more than a few seconds apart, but this time it was Graham and his Mosler who took the glory and seventh place overall.

Even more dependable than the herd of Moslers is Neil’s trusty Scaleauto Viper, a car that almost certainly has covered more racing laps of Molesey’s track than any other car. How it’s still going so well after so many years is something of a mystery, given that it appears to get almost no maintenance and spends most of its life unceremoniously dumped in a dusty old box in the bowels of the clubroom. It does, though, illustrate that there’s a certain amount of truth in the advice given to some of the club’s inveterate tinkerers that if a car is going well, resist the temptation to mess about with it. Are you listening, Tom?!

So that’s it for the first round of Super GT races. Moslers are still up there, but the topless Audi has no doubt set minds wondering. Could the Mosler’s days finally be numbered? Unlikely, but only time will tell.

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