16 Dec 2021: NSR Classic – Classic Battles

Classic Battles.

NSR Classic this week, with three classic battles.

At the head of affairs were Julian and Josh, with a cameo from Ed in Heat 5. Julian led by less than a second after Heat 1, Josh took the lead in Heat 2 but lost it again in Heat 3, only to win it back in Heat 4. Heat 5 was decisive, Josh losing almost two laps and dropping to third behind Ed, but then recovering in the final heat to regain 2nd place.

In the middle it was Neil versus Frank, Neil ahead for the first four heats before a poor Heat 5 saw him drop below Frank to finish 6th.

8th and 9th were squabbled over by Steve and JoshToo, JoshToo grabbing 8th in Heat 4 before losing it in the final heat.

NSR Classics. They’re not the quickest of cars, but they always provide good racing. They’re out again next week for their final run of the year. Let’s hope for more of the same.

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