17 May 2021: Scaleauto/NSR GT3 – Racing’s back!

Racing’s back!

Freedom, of sorts, has at last been granted to the great unwashed. We’re now free to gather in secretive little groups of six and race plastic projectiles round and round in circles. Rejoice!

Six intrepid drivers dug their GT3 cars out of whichever box they’d been thrown into seven months ago and returned to Molesey. For some, time had been cruel.

Spencer’s front tyres, which even at their best had never been a picture of circular perfection, now sounded like a 1:32 scale pneumatic drill rumbling round the track, having developed flat spots during their hibernation. David’s chassis had warped so was doing its best to scrape the paint off the track, and Stephen’s Aston Martin Vantage, already almost impossible to see in its dark green paint, was now even less visible having lost its rear wing permanently.

Neil? Well, he just fluttered his eyelashes coyly at Josh and was rewarded with the use of Josh’s spare car. Result! Especially as the motor in Josh’s first-choice car gave up the ghost halfway through the evening. Shame!

So, some of the cars might have been below par, but the racing was excellent. Josh won convincingly despite his duff motor, but behind him the battle raged all race long, David just holding on to second place whilst Ed and Neil squabbled over third, Ed eventually taking the final podium spot.

Stephen and Spencer fought valiantly for the honour of not finishing last, racing neck and neck at times, even dead-heating in heat 2, but Spencer’s greater number of crashes and god-awful front tyres pushed him down to last, which is probably one place higher than those tyres deserved to finish.

It’s great to be back racing. Long may it continue.

PS. No lap-time details I’m afraid. Lockdown’s addled my memory and I forgot to take a photo. Sorry.

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