27/02/20: Time Trials – Crash Fest

Crash Fest. Should have been NSR Classics tonight, but with several drivers absent, running our usual race format was a non-starter. Instead, the six drivers that did arrive spent the evening mickey-taking and racing…

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20/02/20: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – GTC

GTC. With no racing last week, it was a welcome return tonight for NSR/Scaleauto GT3. In the paddock, Team Green’s preparations were looking unusually serious. Arrive-and-Drive specialist Neil, abandoned for the evening by his…

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13/02/20: No race

"Scalextric Model Motor Racing is a Sport involving SKILL" No race tonight, so here are some evocative pages from Scalextric's 1962 catalogue. What car-mad child of the '60s didn't dream of owning some of…

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