21 Jun 2021: NSR Formula 86/89 – Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones.

You’d have thought that the damage done by Covid and its posse of risk-averse scientists and computer modellers would have more than satisfied the irritating little virus and finger-waggers’ desire to blanket the world in gloom, but no, not a chance. They’ve finally infiltrated Molesey’s hallowed clubroom and mucked up our racing too: tonight’s NSR F1 event took social distancing far too literally and gave us one of the dullest races so far, yawning but oh-so-safe gaps of several laps separating every driver, the race’s one and only change of position being Neil climbing from last to next-to-last during heat 2.

All of which makes writing a mildly interesting race report nigh on impossible, so I won’t try. Instead, here’s an old-school sexist motorsport joke.


The biggest hurdle to overcome to attract more women drivers into motorsport is helping them pass their ARDS driver training so they can gain a competition licence. For whatever reason, some find the interview particularly challenging. Here’s a recent example from an ARDS driver training day.
(ARDS – Association of Racing Drivers Schools)

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead attend a course at their local circuit and sit down to await their interview.

The brunette is the first to be called in and, after filling out the forms and going through the questions, the interviewer asks his final question:
“How many Ds are there in INDIANA JONES?”

She thinks for a second and responds: “One.”

The interviewer sends her outside, asking her to wait while he interviews the remaining participants.

The redhead is next. The process is repeated, and at the end: “How many Ds are there in INDIANA JONES?”
She answers immediately: “One”. The interviewer says: “OK, great. Wait outside please.”

Then the blonde is called in, works her way through the questions and finally is asked: “How many Ds are there in INDIANA JONES?”
Her faces becomes very serious and she starts counting her fingers, muttering: “Two, four, six … hmmm … wait … two, four, six … can I borrow your calculator please?”

After fifteen minutes of intense calculation, she arrives at her answer: “Thirty two.”

The interviewer is stunned and asks her: “Really? Now tell me, how the hell did you arrive at that answer?”

To hear her response, click play below.

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