21/09/20: NSR Classic – Death Row

Death Row.

Covid hasn’t given up yet, annoying little thing that it is. It’s the executioner and Boris’s boys are our judge and jury. We can race today – in small groups only, but that’s a lot better than nothing – but that could all change tomorrow. We’ve been warned!

So, like socially distanced convicts on death row praying for a stay of execution, six condemned men gathered together for what may well have been their final meal. Fortunately for the slot-chef, they all fancied the same little nibble, NSR Classics, although the lurid pink thing served up for Josh looked even less appetising than a plateful of Covid. Either French cuisine has gone to Josh’s head, or the guy’s sick. Or both.

Nonetheless, what a cracking meal it was. La Pinkie cleared off into the distance, taking social distancing a bit too literally, but behind him the racing was again super-close. David, Ed and Neil raced neck and neck for laps, David and Ed dead-heating in heat two.

At half distance Josh was long gone, but Ed in second place was 0.05 of a lap ahead of David, with Neil just 0.01 of a lap further back, 0.06 of a lap separating the three of them. That’s a last meal worthy of a Michelin star.

On the other table, Stephen and Spencer were dancing a duet, Spencer a fraction quicker, but visiting the barriers far too often and allowing the more consistent Stephen to take the honours.

Excellent racing, gentlemen. Bistro Molesey undoubtedly deserves a stay of execution.

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