23 Dec 2021: NSR Classic – Ford’s Last Chance?

Ford’s Last Chance?

Eight men arrived to compete in the last race for NSR Classics held under the class’s 2021 rules, which change in 2022 to include the previously banned Porsche 908/3 and 917/10.

2022 is the 50th anniversary of the birth of Porsche’s turbocharged 917/10 Can-Am car, an 840bhp game-changer which went on to dominate Can-Am in 1972 and Interserie in 1972/73. Will NSR’s 1:32 model do the same to Molesey’s Classic class, or will it be the 908/3? Perhaps neither will rule and Ford’s P68 will remain the car to beat. We’ll find out soon.

This week’s race was a story of two battles: Josh and Julian for the win, and Neil, Graham and Frank for 5th.

Julian jumped early, finishing Heat 1 a second ahead of Josh, but Josh turned the tables in Heat 2 to take a ¾ second lead, before losing nearly a lap in Heat 4 and gifting Julian what looked like an unassailable lead of six seconds. It wasn’t though, Josh clawing back half of it in Heat 5 before showing his true pace in the final heat to take the overall win and record the night’s fastest lap.

5th, 6th and 7th places changed hands throughout the evening. Frank was on top until half-distance, with Neil and Graham swapping positions below him, but it all fell to pieces for Frank after that, Neil pushing him down to 6th in Heat 4 and Graham completing the demolition in Heat 6. Neil 5th, Graham 6th, Frank 7th.

Just one club night left until 2021’s racing is over. Covid has done its best to interfere, but try as it might it’s not quite succeeded. There’s been damage, but it hasn’t been terminal and things are recovering slowly. Hopefully 2022 will be much better.

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