23 Sep 2021: NSR Formula 86/89 – Terry’s Nurse

Terry’s Nurse.

With illness and emergencies keeping three of the top drivers away, this week’s F1 race was wide open, the only unknown being a new visitor to the club who insisted on using the pseudonym Terry’s Nurse.

For weeks now, Terry has been supported in his racing endeavours by the goodwill and plentiful mickey-taking of his clubmates, but this week things changed. Following an “unfortunate incident” in his local Marks & Spencer lingerie department, a condition of his day release was that he was accompanied by his carer, the mysterious Terry’s Nurse. Turns out that not only is she great at administering willy-shrinking cold showers and wiping up dribble, she’s a hotshot slot car racer too.

Heat 1 set the tone, Terry’s Nurse putting in the night’s best drive to take a comfortable lead she’d hold for the entire race, followed by Ed who was driving better than ever. Behind those two, though, things were much closer.

From the off, David, Graham and Terry were fighting hard for third, but all three were ragged and suffered several costly crashes. Heat 2 saw Graham wreck his car in a huge shunt. Normally that would have drawn nothing but merciless laughter from his competitors, but this time he got lucky, Terry’s Nurse instantly springing to his rescue and replacing his smashed car with one that was a lot faster.

Lower down the order, Vince, a welcome returnee to Molesey after a long absence, was racing neck and neck with Stephen for 7th place, losing out in the final heat after Stephen put in his best drive of the night to finish a mere 0.05 of a lap ahead.

NSR’s F1 cars are out again next week too. If this week’s absentees make a return, we could even have a full grid for the first time in ages. Here’s hoping.

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