24 May 2021: Scaleauto/NSR GT3 – Phone-a-Friend


Five drivers, five cars, three and a half hours, a race computer and Neil as a phone-a-friend. With that lot, you’d think it’d be easy to complete a race meeting and get home before the midnight fairies come out to play, wouldn’t you? You’d be very wrong.

“Er, can we start racing by 8:30pm?” came a plaintive voice from somewhere. “Excellent idea” was the unanimous response, so dead on the dot of 9:15pm, the cars lined up for the first heat…

I know we’re an assorted bunch of geriatrics, cripples, social misfits and weirdos for whom time-keeping might be difficult, but how the hell does 8:30pm turn into 9:15pm without anyone noticing?!

Anyway, having decided that we’d race fixed-distance fifteen-lap heats rather than a time-limited format, the first heat finally got underway, Josh taking an early lead from Ed. Fifteen laps later they should have finished. Should have, but didn’t.

The race computer had had other ideas and nobody present had a clue how to fix it, nor, despite his best efforts, did our phone-a-friend. Everywhere, drivers were losing the will to live. So back to square one and a complete restart, but this time with time-limited heats of two minutes each.

And after all that, the racing was pretty average. Josh dominated, Ed drove excellently and almost error free to take a comfortable second-place, David took third, while Spencer, who’d started well but tailed off as the race progressed, only just held on to fourth, beating Stephen by just 0.05 of a lap.

Next week, NSR Classic. Trouble free, hopefully.

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