26/10/23: Formula 1 – Simon, Bouncing and Grandma Libby

Simon, Bouncing and Grandma Libby.

It’s happened again! Someone other than one of the Three Amigos – Julian, Lee and Josh – has won a race at Molesey. Rejoice!

And, Sod’s Law, your correspondent couldn’t get a ticket to watch so had to recruit the spy again to report the news. Bummer. That’s as bad as missing the knockout punch in a heavyweight boxing title fight or the winning goal at the football World Cup, or, in the Tomster’s case, him not noticing his mum has come home just as he’s opened his favourite page on xHamster. You know, the one featuring Grandma Libby. In short, a damned nuisance. Still, here’s what happened. Apparently.

Simon won!

It’s well known that the Three Amigos have dominated racing at Molesey for ever. Challengers have come, challengers have gone, but the Amigos have almost never been beaten. David lucked in and took a win in F1 when only Josh was there to be beaten back in June this year, but nobody has beaten two Amigos before, not since records began anyway. Congratulations Simon!

Details of the racing are sparse. Just about everyone crashed onto the floor, apparently, but, given that Simon won, he must bounce better than anyone else. I reckon it’s his dainty feet and springy little legs that won the day.

The stats give a little insight, but not much. Lee wasn’t far behind in second place. Julian, whose dislike of F1 is plain for all to see, had a thoroughly miserable night and finished over five laps behind Simon. Most of that was lost in Heat 4, but even when he wasn’t having problems he was struggling to match the pace of Simon and Lee ahead of him.

But really, what else is there to say? Zilch. Simon won! Good effort, Simon. A damned good effort.