27 May 2021: Scaleauto/NSR GT3 – No Stopping Josh

No Stopping Josh.

Another night restricted to six drivers due to the wretched Covid rules, another race summary courtesy of the spy, and another dominant performance from Josh. No change there, then. Dope-testing the drivers and nobbling Josh’s sample is beginning to look like the only way anyone will ever beat him.

Julian was apparently having a nightmare, preoccupied with skimming the red slot’s barrier and struggling to stay with Josh. Ed tried the barrier-skimming method too, but was no more successful, while Graham only got going late on, by which time the podium spots were long gone.

Neil, the club’s arrive-and-drive specialist and all at sea in the absence of his mechanic, was left to do his own car prep, throwing away any chance of success when he smeared way too much Instant Grip on his tyres. Which leaves Terry.

Terry’s a pretty decent driver with a magic touch for slot cars. The wrong sort of magic, sadly, so nobody was surprised when his car started shedding gear teeth and making horrible noises, leaving him stone last. Chin up Terry, it can only get better. Try a bigger hammer.

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