28/09/23: Sideways GT3 – Full House

Full House.

With a grid of fourteen drivers crowding the clubroom and leaving no room for spectators, your correspondent couldn’t sweet-talk the doorman into giving him a spectator ticket and so has little info on this week’s race other than the results and heat stats. What they show is that Julian kicked everyone’s backsides and scored a dominant win, Lee’s backside was the least sore because he was beaten by a smaller margin than anyone else, and Vince snatched defeat from the jaws of not-quite-defeat by falling to last place in the final heat, Mark beating him by just six tenths.

Terry climbed from eighth place in heat 1 to an eventual fourth, Alex went backwards, sixth to a disappointing ninth, and Joss continues to impress with his steady improvement, rising as high as eighth before dropping back to finish the evening in tenth place.

Closest battle of the race was between Dexter and Mario, the pair climbing from last and next-to-last after heat 1 to an eventual eleventh and twelfth, Mario taking the honours by the smallest of margins, just a hundredth of a second.

Sideways GT3 cars aren’t the fastest around, but, again, they’ve shown that they can produce some excellent and close racing.