28 Jun 2021: NSR/Scaleauto GT3 – Brake where?

Brake where?

The end of Covid restrictions and the six-driver limit can’t come soon enough. Running an exciting race is hard enough when we have the full six-man quota turn up, but when the number drops even lower, as it did tonight and inevitably does from time to time given that we all have lives outside of slot car racing – hard to believe, I know – it only becomes harder.

Spencer, tipped for greatness (well, not quite greatness, but at least a regular run of podium spots) has vanished under mysterious circumstances, so the hunt was on for a replacement. Fortunately Baz was waiting in the wings, not quite a novice, but certainly new to “serious” racing.

Josh, rapidly carving a slot as the provider of decent cars and controllers to the needy, stepped up once more and lent Baz his third-best GT3 car. Or maybe it was his fourth-best, or fifth, or even sixth. That pit-box of his appears to be bottomless.

Josh spent his time on track annihilating the rest and recording yet another lap record. David struggled in the early heats with tyres that had been very hastily prepared shortly before racing, whilst Baz, employing his unique never-brake-at-the-same-place-twice driving style, caused Josh plenty of worry as he watched his pride and joy risk total destruction against the barrier at the end of every straight.

Five’s not many. In truth, it’s not really enough, but it’s a lot better than nothing. Roll on freedom.

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