28 Oct 2021: NSR Classic – Chicken & Milk

Chicken & Milk.

Following last week’s cheese, biscuits and cake banquet, WhatsApp was alive with concern. “Does it smell of cheese in the club?” enquired an apprehensive Neil prior to arrival. “Nope. Chicken” came Lee’s reply, followed a little later by Josh with “We need milk.” Hmmm…

It’s well known that the ingredients of tyre-treatment potions are closely guarded secrets, but had the club’s youngest duo accidentally given away their special recipe? We’d had Josh Juice back in July, so the mind boggles at what they might have been squeezing out of the chicken this time. Poor thing.

Anyway, enough of the puerile speculation and onto the racing.

NSR Classics this week, with Josh and Julian fighting a ferocious race-long battle. Julian finished a tenth ahead of Josh in Heat 1, only for Josh to fight back in the next three heats and build a tiny one-and-a-half-second lead. That might have been enough for the race win had he not crashed in Heat 5 and left himself just over three seconds down, but three seconds is a huge gap when it’s to the ultra-consistent Julian. Josh clawed back a second in the final heat, but it wasn’t enough, Julian taking the overall win by 2.47 seconds.

Lower down the order, Ed scored another impressive result, a strong drive netting him third place ahead of Lee, helped in part by Lee crashing twice in Heat 2. Which makes one wonder…

Both Josh and Lee had costly crashes and both had been messing with the chicken and milk earlier. Slippery trigger fingers, maybe?

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