30 Sep 2021: NSR Formula 86/89 – F1’s Little Brother

F1’s Little Brother.

There’s really not much to report about this week’s NSR F1 race. It was close, with the five drivers filling 2nd to 6th places all lapping within 0.25 of a second of each other, but in the end it was a curiously subdued affair that mirrored its bigger brother, the full-size F1, which has long been criticised for its lack of overtaking.

At the end of Heat 1, Julian held top spot from Josh, with David a car’s length ahead of Lee for third, but Heat 2 saw Josh take the lead, David drop to fourth behind Lee, and that’s how it stayed for the rest of the race.

Nonetheless there were exciting periods, with dead-heats for Terry and Ed in heats 1 and 6, Julian and Lee in Heat 6 too, plus a lot of crashes.

So it wasn’t a classic evening’s racing, but, if nothing else, it proved that NSR’s Formula 86/89 class has created a pretty level playing field for everyone and that the cars are remarkably resilient. In that at least, the night was a great success.

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