Crash & Burn


  • Open practice will end at 8:00pm when the track power will be switched off.
  • The Crash & Burn Challenge will start shortly after 8:00pm.
  • The format will be one timed lap using the same car for every driver.
  • A car (any type is acceptable as long as it runs) must be supplied voluntarily by any member.
  • Each driver uses the same lane which will be decided by the race controller.
  • Each driver will use the same club-supplied controller.
  • The car’s tyres will be cleaned at the start of each stint by the race controller.
  • The car is placed on the track in front of race control.
  • The car is driven (at speed) to complete one flying lap and will then be stopped back at race control (two laps in total).
  • If the car crashes during the timed lap, zero points will be awarded to that driver. No second attempt is allowed.

This will be a separate points-scoring competition.

  • Zero points for any driver who crashes.
  • Twenty points for the slowest driver and then points increasing by two for each faster driver.
  • Maximum points go to the fastest driver.