NSR Formula 86/89

19/06/2022 to 31/12/2022

Eligible cars: NSR Formula 86/89
Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

  • Any colour NSR chassis can be used and can be painted black for aesthetic purposes.
  • Chassis can have grub screws installed in the provided holes to allow adjustment of front axle ride height/vertical travel.
  • Any black NSR F1 rubber tyre can be used front/rear, but must fit the 13mm rims correctly and must have the NSR writing intact on at least one sidewall. Varnishing/glazing of front tyres is not permitted.
  • Tyres can be glued/trued, but front wheel/tyre must retain a minimum overall diameter of 16mm.
  • Rear wheels can be any of the following:
    • NSR-5021 (standard 13×10)
    • NSR-5027 (13×10)
    • NSR-5022 (13×13)
    • NSR-5026 (13×13)
  • Any inline NSR crown wheel is permitted.
  • Any inline NSR 9t or 10t pinion is permitted.
  • Any NSR guide is permitted.
  • Unpainted bodies are not permitted regardless of colour.
  • Weight can be added, but this must be firmly secured to the inside of the body only.
  • Drivers helmet can be replaced with any full face/closed visor item, however this must be to scale.
  • As the nature of the primary function of the traction magnet is irrelevant at Molesey, it can be retained or removed.
  • The toothed part of the crown wheel can be run on either side of the car.
  • The motor can be fitted either way up.
  • Spacers/axle stoppers can be used to adjust the front/rear track of the car out to a maximum overall width of 67mm.
  • Motor mount can be secured to the chassis with 3 or 5 mounting points.
  • NSR suspension kits are permitted.
  • Body/motor mount screws can all be run loose, but should be secured so they don’t fall onto the track.

The following components are deemed free choice: braids, lead wire, all screws, eyelets, axles, axle spacers/stoppers.