Formula 1

01/01/2023 to 14/01/2023

Eligible cars

  • NSR Formula 86/89
  • Scaleauto Formula 90-97

Cars for this class can be built using any parts from the same manufacturer, with the following restrictions:

  • Motor must be original specification as fitted to the standard model.
  • All wheels used must be specifically manufactured for F1 models.
  • Cosmetic wheel inserts can be omitted.
  • Maximum overall track width front and rear is 67mm.
  • Weight/ballast can be added to the chassis and must be properly secured. Ballast must not be visible from the exterior of the model.
  • Driver’s crash helmet can be replaced with any contemporary full-face item.

The following components are deemed free choice: axles, axle spacers/stoppers, all screws, lead wire, braid, eyelets.

For the avoidance of doubt, unless a component is listed above as free choice, only Scaleauto parts can be used on Scaleauto cars and only NSR parts can be used on NSR Cars.