General Rules

01/01/2023 to 14/01/2023

  • Cars must be presented to the appointed scrutineer prior to each race meeting.
  • All major elements of the body as assembled by the manufacturer must be present at the beginning of each race. These include but are not limited to: all windows, full interior, rear spoiler etc. Small body components such as mirrors, exhausts, sidelights etc, can be omitted.
  • Motors should remain standard and unopened. Any evidence of opening for any reason will deem that motor non-standard and therefore ineligible to race.
  • Any weight, if allowed in a specific class, must be firmly secured and must not fall out on the track.
  • The presence of oil of wintergreen-type products is banned within the club. Anyone bringing such items onto the premises will be asked to remove the item from the clubhouse immediately. Failure to do so may result in that person being excluded from further meetings.
  • The use of silicone or sponge-type tyres is strictly prohibited at any time.
  • All body and motor mount screws can be run ‘loose’ provided they are properly secured and don’t fall out onto the track.
  • Traction magnets must be removed from all cars.
  • Unless specifically mentioned in the ‘allowable changes’ section of a particular class, cosmetic wheel inserts must be present on all four wheels at all times.
  • All items used must be or have been available in the UK and must be used in a standard unmodified form.
  • Body and chassis mouldings can be lightly trimmed around the edges to allow free movement of the bodyshell where necessary. However, any material removed must not be excessive and parts trimmed should still follow all the shapes and contours of the untrimmed item. If in any doubt, please consult the scrutineer before trimming any parts.
  • Body screw posts can be shortened if necessary to allow correct fit of body/chassis. Screw posts can also be reinforced with a suitable sleeve.
  • Any new car models and/or parts should be assessed and approved by the Committee before being included in the rules.
  • The use of inserts made from any material, fitted into the ‘air track’ in ‘air hub’-type wheels is not permitted in any class.