NSR Classic

from 22/07/2022

Eligible cars

  • Ford GT40 Mk I
  • Ford GT40 Mk II
  • Ford Mk IV
  • Ford P68
  • Porsche 908/3
  • Porsche 917/10
  • Porsche 917 K

Eligible motors: All motors supplied as standard in NSR classic models are allowed: NSR-3004, NSR-3040, NSR-3041. These can be fitted into any of the motor mounts supplied as standard in NSR classic models: NSR-1249b, NSR-1270.

Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

  • Standard guide can be replaced with NSR-4844 screw fit version.
  • Rear tyres can be replaced with any NSR compound and be glued and trued. The NSR writing must be clearly visible on at least one sidewall of each tyre. Wheels must not be lightened, added to, or modified in any other way.
  • Front tyres can be glued and trued.
  • Grub screws as supplied with the car can be used to adjust the front axle ride height/vertical travel.
  • Axle spacers can be used front and rear to a maximum overall track width of 62mm. However, no part of the wheel/tyre should be visible when the car is viewed from above.
  • Standard axles can be replaced with any solid steel or stainless steel alternative.

The following components are deemed free choice: front tyres, body/motor mount screws, grub screws, guide screw (if used), lead wire, braid, eyelets.