Super GT


Eligible cars: Any 1/32 hard-bodied closed-wheel Sports/GT/Group-C/LMP-type car.

Specification of car is free choice apart from the following restrictions:

  • Motor RPM must not exceed;
    • Long can / Boxer: 23,000rpm@12v (factory figure)
    • ‘Flat Six’: 22.500rpm@12v (factory figure)
    • Short ‘S’ can: 30.000rpm@12v (factory figure)
  • Front/rear track can be extended to the width of the body. However, no part of the wheels/tyres should be visible when the car is viewed from above.
  • Whilst the choice of front/rear wheels is free, the minimum diameter should not be less than 15.8mm. Cosmetic wheel inserts can be omitted.
  • Unpainted or clear coated bodies are not permitted.
  • Clear Lexan interior must at the very least be painted plain black.
  • Although lightweight Lexan body parts are permitted, all major body components should be present, be they standard parts or lightweight replacements. This includes but is not limited to: full interior with driver (must fully conceal all interior parts of chassis), full set of windows, headlight assemblies (including headlight bowl), rear spoiler/wing/aerofoil.
  • Bodyshell and chassis must be matching parts, i.e., a McLaren must be fitted with a McLaren chassis. 3D printed chassis are permitted, but again must be specifically designed for the bodyshell being used.