NSR GT3 (Molesey)

NSR GT3 (Molesey) – Rules and eligible models.

  • Allowed
    • ASV (Aston Martin Vantage GT3)
    • Audi R8 LMS
    • BMW Z4 GT3
    • Corvette C6.R
    • Corvette C7.R
    • Mercedes-AMG GT3
    • Porsche 911 (997) GT3 RSR
  • Not allowed
    • Mosler MT900 R

Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

  • Wheels
    • Front can be replaced with
      • NSR 5001 – 16x8mm. Solid rib.
    • Rear can be replaced with
      • NSR 5002 – 16x8mm air-hub
      • NSR 5010 – 16.5x8mm drilled air-hub
      • NSR 5015 – 16x10mm drilled air-hub*
      • NSR 5016 – 16x10mm air-hub*
  • Tyres
    • Front – Free choice and can be glued/trued/glazed.
    • Rear – Can be any from the NSR range and can be glued and trued.
  • Axles
    • Rear. A single axle stopper is permitted.
  • Track
    • Front & Rear. Axle spacers are allowed, but wheels and tyres must not exceed the limits of the body when viewed from above.
  • Gears
    • Spur can be any from the NSR-65xx range.
    • Pinion can be any from the NSR-71xx range.
  • Chassis
    • Any grade of chassis is permitted (soft/blue, medium/black, hard/white, extra-hard/green, extra-light/yellow), but it must match the body it’s intended for.
  • Guide
    • is free choice.
  • Weight
    • Additional weight can be added to the chassis only. This must be securely fixed to the chassis and must fit within the confines of the chassis when the body is fitted.
  • Sundries
    • All screws, wires, braid, spacers and eyelets are free choice.

The following change is mandatory:

  • Traction magnets must be removed.

*Best options.

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