Sideways Group 5

7/4/22 to 21/7/22

Eligible cars

  • BMW 320
  • BMW M1 Sauber
  • BMW M1 Schnitzer
  • Ferrari 512 BB LM
  • Ford Capri Mk III
  • Ford Escort Mk II
  • Ford Mustang
  • Lancia Beta Montecarlo
  • Lancia Stratos
  • Nissan Skyline
  • Porsche 935 K2
  • Porsche 935/77A
  • Porsche 935/78
  • Porsche 935/78-81
  • Toyota Celica LB Turbo

Eligible motors: Any Flat-6 motor except for Flat-6 RS

Cars must remain standard apart from the following allowable changes:

  • Standard motor mount can be replaced with any anglewinder mount and can be secured using either four or six points.
  • Guide can be replaced with SICH85 or SICH85b screw fit version.
  • Rear track can be extended to 64mm max, but no part of the wheel/tyre should be visible when the car is viewed from above.
  • Front track can be extended as wide as the bodyshell will accommodate, but no part of the wheel/tyre should be visible when the car is viewed from above.
  • Front/rear tyres can be any compound produced by NSR,, BRM, Sideways (no sponge or silicone). These can be glued and trued.
  • Standard axles can be replaced with any solid steel/stainless steel 3/32in (2.38mm) items.
  • Front/rear wheels are free choice, but must have a minimum diameter of 15.8mm. Wheels must not be lightened, added to or modified in any other way.
  • Grub screws as supplied with the car can be used to adjust the front axle ride height/vertical travel.
  • Suspension can be fitted, but to the rear of the motor mount only.
  • Cosmetic wheel inserts are not required and can be omitted.
  • Additional ballast/weight can be added, but must be securely attached and within the confines of the body.
  • Axle spacers/stoppers are permitted to achieve desired track width.

The following components are deemed free choice: Suspension, axle spacers/stoppers, body/motor mount screws, grub screws, guide screw (if used), lead wire, braid, eyelets.

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